Zahir Kebab is one of the fastest growing gastronomy chains in Poland, famous for the longest, 50 cm MEGA ROLLO. The company debuted in 2014 in which it founded the first restaurant in Ostrów Wielkopolski.

By the end of 2023, the number of Zahir Kebab will exceed 140 in over 40 cities. The company employs nearly 800 employees throughout Poland.

The company is implementing a network expansion plan, wich will enable company to reach customers all over Poland. It is planned to open about 10 premises a year and to enter the offer more widely to partners who have their own point of sale network.

Zahir Kebab dishes are made of 100% Polish products. Every day we deliver fresh vegetables, which we prepare for direct consumption. The success of our unique taste is our sauce prepared according to a unique recipe. The selected meat in our products is enriched with special mixtures of herbs and spices, which make the taste unique and expressive, which makes it characteristic only for our restaurants.

Suppliers are long-term partners, thanks to which we maintain consistent quality. All procedures with maintaining cleanliness are carried out according to HACCP standards as well as GHP and GMP. The company is preparing for the implementation of the ISO procedure.